IVAM bundles high-tech for medical technology at virtual. COMPAMED

Source: LipoCoat/LEMO S.A., PI Ceramic GmbH, VTT, Fisba AG

In response to the corona pandemic, COMPAMED and MEDICA, the world's leading information and communication platforms for the medical technology industry and the supplier sector, will be taking place from November 16-19 entirely in virtual format. 22 international companies and research institutions from seven nations will present themselves under the umbrella of the virtual IVAM joint participation. The focus will be on the fields of microelectronics, microfluidics, sensor technology, biotechnology and optical technologies and their applications such as laser processes.  

Microelectronics for medical technology enables highest reliability and innovative diagnostics

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is the largest multi-technological applied research organization in Northern Europe. VTT’s key technology fields presented at virtual.Compamed 2020 include printed and hybrid electronics pilot manufacturing services, wearable technology, biosensors and roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing of diagnostic devices.

AEMtec GmbH is a leading supplier for micro- and optoelectronic applications. The company develops, qualifies and produces complex modules for the medical sector such as wearables, diagnostics, medical equipment, imaging and acoustic systems. The use of reliable microtechnology is of great importance, especially in the times determined by COVID-19. AEMtec is appreciated as competent partner for the miniaturizing of high quality modules, especially because of the cutting-edge technology equipment (UBM, SBA, Dicing, COB, FC, SMT, Box-Build).

Microdul AG masters the processes at all implementation stages — from development and engineering through production and test of custom applications. Microdul possesses a broad and pro-found know-how in the multi-faceted world of micro-electronics. In the business areas of semiconductors, modules and thick-film, the company converts this know-how into fascinating products and services, which are certified according to ISO 9001 and 13485.

Miniaturized components and processes enable compact and cost-effective medical devices

As a specialist for precision mechanical components with a high degree of vertical integration in small and medium-sized series, BEUTTER Präzisions-Komponenten GmbH & Co. KG is certified according to ISO 13485:2016 for all areas of medical technology. The company has all machining production processes (turning, milling, grinding, honing) as well as assembly and packaging in clean rooms and uses qualified sub-suppliers for special processes. Beutter supports customers in development and documentation and manufactures individual parts and assemblies e.g. for medical instruments, prostheses and implants up to risk class III.

PI Ceramic is one of the world's leading manufacturers of piezo ceramic actuators and sensor components and is based in Lederhose, Germany. The company manufactures components for medical applications such as ultrasonic measurement technology, high-precision dosing systems, surgical instruments operated with power ultrasound as well as transducers for therapeutic ultrasound. PI Ceramic also offers piezo ceramic solutions for implantable assemblies, nebulizers, pumps, valves and miniaturized components for devices with limited space, such as endoscopes.

Coatings for highest medical requirements

LipoCoat is a biotech spin-off from the University of Twente, the Netherlands. The company has developed a coating technology which improves the safety, performance and comfort of medical devices without using antibiotics or toxic substances. The LipoCoat coatings are developed for medical devices, such as contact lenses, catheters and implants, and reduce the infection risk by 95%. The coating has multiple properties, such as bio-inspired, lubricity, anti-thrombogenic, regenerative, hydrophilic, anti-fouling, and sustainable.

SCS - Specialty Coating Systems is a world leader in Parylene conformal coating services and technologies with nearly 50 years of experience and 19 state-of-the-art coating facilities, including 4 in Europe, 7 in Asia and 8 in the Americas. Ultra-thin and pinhole-free, SCS Parylenes provide exceptional properties for medical devices, including biocompatibility and biostability and superior chemical, moisture and electrical barrier properties.

Innovative biosensors

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG is one of the world-leading manufacturer of physical, chemical and biological sensors. The company offers temperature sensors with excellent long-term stability and high accuracy available, thermal flow sensor for gases and liquids, humidity modules and sensors for capacitive measurement with excellent accuracy, conductivity sensors with high chemical resistance and biosensors for analysis of complex biological media and peristaltic micropumps. The global team of experts in sensor technology has experience in developing new technologies and customized solutions.

Biosensors from Jobst Technologies enable the simultaneous measurement of glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate even from complex mixtures such as whole blood. The flow-through biosensor can analyze or continuously monitor glucose and lactate from 48 samples per hour with the first glucose and lactate monitor for critically ill patients.

Microfluidics - key technology for diagnostics

microLIQUID is a CDMO company specialized in microfluidic automated systems. The company supports its clients from the first concepts to full scale commercial manufacturing. The bioscientists and microfluidic engineers are focused on developing applications in the fastest growing areas of life sciences and pharmaceuticals, point-of-care, single-cell, immune and molecular DX.

IMT Masken und Teilungen AG develops and produces customized microfluidic components, optical components and sensors in glass and quartz. The services are structured metallic and dielectric layers, etching of channels and nanostructures, integration of "on-chip" electrodes, waveguides, optical filters and structured (bio-) functionalized materials. Possible applications are sequencing, LOAC, organ-on-a-chip, single cell detection/analysis, HTS, microarrays and glass components for medical instruments.

Optics & Photonics

Driving innovation in micro optics, FISBA AG excels in the design and manufacturing of singlets, compound elements and micro systems enabling ultra-compact imaging and illumination solutions for Life Sciences applications. We offer volume production processes ensure high accuracy and repeatability for microlenses starting at diameters 0.3 mm. In addition to the manufacture of components, the company also develops systems such as micro cameras. The FISBA READYBeam is an extremely compact multi multi-color laser module including full electronic integration and active thermal management.

MedPhab pilot production line accelerates the commercialization of diagnostic devices and instruments for treatment based on photonics, reduces the R&D cost. Based on testing the validation of the pilot production line on three application areas: hospital environment, home care devices and equipment for chemical diagnostics. MedPhab offers cooperation of a consortium of excellent research institutes and companies that have experience in ISO 13485 standardized manufacturing and/or strong expertise in photonics.

The JePPIX Pilot Line provides the opportunity to take PIC-based prototype into manufacture. JePPIX links up all the elements of the PIC supply chain, ensuring quality control from design software through to known-good-die. It offers the best and fastest open access route from prototype to product. By validating the PIC manufacturing process, it will bridge the gap between first prototype and commercialization. The JePPIX Pilot Line is enabled by the InPulse project that has received funding from the EU's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

MIRPHAB is an all-service integrated Pilot Line for the development of MID-IR photonics sensors in Europe, a single-access point to the best technology provided by a consortium of leading companies in the field of photonics. MIRPHAB offers services from market analysis, design and fabrication to the final packaging of prototypes. MIRPHAB’s main objective is to transform ideas into products and to quickly introduce them to the market.

PIXAPP provides companies with standardized packaging solutions for prototyping and pilot-scale production. PIXAPP offers a comprehensive building block menu to its customers including optical coupling, thermal and mechanical stabilization, serving key industries such as medical, industrial, security and optical communications. PIXAPP aims to drive the future demand for PIC-based products by engaging and standardizing processes along the complete PIC manufacturing supply chain, providing users with easy access to well-defined and qualified packaging technologies.  

Virtual.COMPAMED HIGH-TECH Forum by IVAM: Live webinar and stream allow insights into the world of microtechnology

The digital forum provides insights into research and development of the exhibited processes and products, explains technology trends in the industry and provides information on the relevant foreign markets for medical technology. The international presentations accompanying the trade fair will take place on all four days of the fair.

Participation in the virtual.COMPAMED HIGH-TECH FORUM is free of charge. Participants who would like to join the discussion would have to register in advance to receive an access link to the webinar. Additionally, the forum program is available as a YouTube livestream.