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How Corona will change (digital) marketing for small and medium-sized companies

The Corona shutdown in many European countries has led to severe distortions for many small and medium-sized companies. This crisis is more serious than the Lehman crisis of 2008/2009! The strongly changed behavior of people during the crisis and the general conditions for companies after the Corona crisis will also have a lasting effect on marketing.

Was treibt Innovationen in der Mikro- und Nanotechnik im Jahr 2020?

Was treibt Innovationen in der Mikro- und Nanotechnik im Jahr 2020? Und vor welchen wirtschaftlichen oder organisatorischen Herausforderungen stehen Unternehmen? Diese Fragen standen im Mittelpunkt der IVAM-Befragung 2020. Die Befragung wurde, wie in den Vorjahren, unter ca. 3000 Unternehmen und Forschungseinrichtungen in Europa durchgeführt, die sich mit Mikrotechnik, MEMS, Nanotechnologie, neuen Materialien und verwandten Schlüsseltechnologien beschäftigen.

What drives innovation in micro- and nanotechnology in 2020?

What drives innovation in micro- and nanotechnology in 2020? And what economic, political, societal or organizational challenges are high-tech companies facing? The IVAM Survey 2020 focused on these questions. As in previous years, the survey was conducted among several thousand European companies and institutes in the fields of microtechnology, MEMS, nanotechnology, advanced materials and related key enabling technologies.

Wie Corona das (digitale) Marketing bei KMU verändern wird

Der Shutdown in Deutschland hat bei vielen KMU zu starken Verwerfungen geführt. Diese Krise ist gravierender als die Lehman-Krise 2008/2009! Das stark geänderte Verhalten der Menschen während der Krise und die Randbedingungen für die Unternehmen nach der Corona-Krise werden auch das Marketing nachhaltig beeinflussen.

Business with North America: 10 Tips for exhibitors

Have you ever wanted to exhibit at a trade fair in the USA? And were you surprised by the high price level or the organizational effort? You are not alone! Many European companies wonder how much the trade fair business in the USA differs from that in Europe. Here you can read my Top 10 tips for first-time exhibitors, using MD&M West in Anaheim as an example.

It's always great doing business in Singapore

Personally, I really like Singapore. Maybe because it is a kind of "Asia for beginners". Language barriers and culture shock don't come. That makes it easier for us Europeans to make good international contacts. The excellent infrastructure and the high standards of hygiene, organization and reliability make many things easier that can generally become unplanned obstacles abroad.

Doesn't Wetzlar just stand for optics? How does this fit in with microtechnology?

Surely at first you think the same as Dr. Dietrich when I contacted him about two years ago: What should IVAM members do at the W3+ Fair in Wetzlar? Wetzlar "only" stands for optics. I got rejected but I don`t give up easily: I invited him to the trade fair in Wetzlar and he got convinced by the mix of over 200 companies which operate in the sectors of optics, mechanics, electronics and photonics.

Ten tips: This is how medical technology companies in China get off to a good start

The first step into a new market has to be carefully considered. The decision is often made to exhibit at a suitable trade fair abroad in order to get to know the new market and its customers better. It is really important not to start unprepared. IVAM accompanies small and medium-sized companies that develop products for the medical technology sector to China.

„Feierabendbier“ – How a beer after work can help to accelerate your business!

Too much work last week and no time to celebrate the International Beer Day? That doesn't matter! Just drink your beer together with your potential customers. A joint after-work beer at trade fairs and events can help you to deepen the conversations of the day and expand your network in a relaxed atmosphere.

Die Welt im Spannungsfeld zwischen China und den USA? Ein Handelskrieg ist immer eine schlechte Idee!

Wir sind auf unserer kleinen Welt stark verzahnt. Wirtschaftsbeziehungen zwischen den Ländern werden immer intensiver. Lieferketten gehen über Ländergrenzen und Kontinente hinweg. Das gilt für kleine Länder, aber speziell auch für die großen Mächte. Wenn die größten Länder der Welt, sprich China und die USA, sich durch Handelsbeschränkungen bekämpfen, dann schaden sie am Ende der ganzen Welt!