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  • market observation
  • proprietary economic data
  • project support
  • consultancy and marketing services

The division IVAM Research observes the microtechnology industry, watches out for emerging technologies and application trends, and analyzes economic and political framework conditions. The insights are used to determine the strategy and activities of the IVAM association and to advise its members.

Once a year, we perform a broad economic data survey among the microtechnology industry in Europe. This way we can keep the industry, the public and decision makers in the economy and politics up-to-date on the business climate and current technology and market trends.

The IVAM Executive Panel is our trend indicator for the microtechnology industry. Once in a while we ask industry experts for their opinion on current economic, political or social discussions.

We initiate and coordinate projects, find suitable project partners, help with the dissemination of project results and keep our members up to date on relevant calls.

In addition, we offer a range of services to clients from the private and public sector:
  • For trade show organizers we set up industry-specific high-tech suppliers markets.
  • For conferences organizers we arrange presentation sessions and supporting programs covering the latest high-tech trends.
  • For external trade organizations we arrange delegation trips and business matchings.
  • For economic development agencies we create business development concepts and marketing tools.