Microfluidics in Industry and Life

The annual IVAM-conference “Systems Integration” will be held in England this year on October 9 at Microsystems (UK) under the title “Microfluidics in Industry and Life”. Microsystems is one of the leading manufacturers of microfluidics using injection moulding techniques.

The event will demonstrate the importance of microfluidic products for automated processes in chemistry, biotechnology and medicine. Manufacturers and users will present and discuss new technologies and applications. The presentations will cover topics such as mobile diagnostics, chemical production in microreactors or organ-on-a-chip.

The afternoon before the conference you have the opportunity to visit the production facilities of Microsystems in Warrington.

The presentations are structured in three sessions:
  1. Technologies for Microfluidic Components Production
  2. Equipment with Microfluidic Components
  3. Applications for Microfluidic Components

The event is important to you if you are
  • developer and manufacturer of microfluidic components and systems,
  • user of microfluidic solutions,
  • interested in the optimization of your chemical production processes by microreactors,
  • developing mobile, diagnostic or therapeutic devices,
  • active in researching and developing new biotechnological processes.

Microfluidics plays an increasingly important role in industry and in applications for everyday life.

Two examples:
  1. The production of chemicals in microreactors is more efficient, controllable and sustainable than in conventional chemical plants.
  2. Mobile diagnostic and therapeutic devices are not possible without microfluidic components that process small amounts of liquids.
To make this work, a lot of different additional components need to be in place: (micro) pumps, sensors, electronic hardware, control and analysis software and others. 

Different materials and production methods are well developed, e.g. injection molding of polymer materials, etching of glass and silicon, or mechanical structurization of metal. Bonding techniques to close channel systems are essential. Surface modification is necessary to make the components hydrophilic or hydrophobic, biocompatible and smooth. In all these process steps, the requirements for tolerances and accuracy are very high.
The workshop will give an overview on technological possibilities and current applications.

It will also address unsolved issues and new research results. The speakers come from different industrial areas and are looking forward to a discussion with the participants about needs and requirements for new applications in new markets. The seminar will help to understand challenges and to find solutions. The networking options during breaks like lunch and dinner provide an ideal framework to start co-operations between the participants.

Also visit the IVAM Focus Group Microfluidics the evening before

Perhaps you are also interested in participating in the IVAM Focus Group Meeting incl. Guided Tour at Microsystems UK? All information about the IVAM Focus Group Meeting on the eve of Systems Integration can be found here.

Register here.

Business Partner

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Microsystems "Open House" (guided tour)
Philip Tipler
Microsystems UK, 101 Golborne Enterprise Park, Warrington, GB
Meeting of the IVAM Focus Group Microfluidics
Dominique Bouwes
Micronit GmbH, Dortmund, DE
Dr. Thomas R. Dietrich
IVAM Microtechnology Network, Dortmund, DE
Get-Together Dinner (self paid by participants)
Worsley Old Hall
Walkden Road, Worsley, Greater Manchester, M28 2QT, GB
Wednesday, October 9, 2019
Welcome Coffee & Registration
Gary Clark
Micro Systems (UK) Ltd., Warrington, GB
Dr. Thomas R. Dietrich
IVAM Microtechnology Network, Dortmund, DE
Presentation of Micro Systems (UK) Ltd.
Gary Clark
Micro Systems (UK) Ltd., Warrington, GB
Philip Tipler
Micro Systems (UK) Ltd., Warrington, GB
Technologies for Microfluidic Components Production
Keynote: Trends and Challenges in the Microfluidic Industry
Henne van Heeren
EnablingMNT GmbH, Dordrecht, NL
Ultra-Precision Machining of Micro Fluidic Mould Inserts
Joao Ricardo Goncalves
Micro Systems (UK) Ltd., Warrington, GB
Lab-on-a-Chip Systems - From Inspiration to Application
Dr. Elfi Töpfer
microfluidic ChipShop GmbH, Jena, DE
Production of Microfluidic Components
Julian Tarratt
PCE Automation Ltd., Beccles, GB
Coffee and Network
Equipment with Microfluidic Components
Microreaction Technology
Mark Gilligan
Blacktrace Holdings Ltd., Royston, GB
Developing Manufacturing Technologies for Synthesis of Nanoparticles for Healthcare Applications
Prof. Asterios Gavriilidis
University College London, London, GB
Pumps - Enabling Continuous Flow and Pipetting Applications
Dr. Carsten Damerau
HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH, Schwerin, DE
Sam Smith
Michael Smith Engineers Ltd., Woking, GB
Hightech-Equipment for Microfluidic Devices for Advanced Applications
Bastien Cotte
Fluigent, Le Kremlin Bicetre, FR
Applications for Microfluidic Components
Keynote: Microfluidics Applications - Progress Report
Dr. Peter F. Hewkin
Center for Business Innovation Ltd., Cambridge, GB
Mobile Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases
Lars Blohm
Campton Diagnostics GmbH, Itzehoe, DE
Flexible Microfluidic Platforms for Diagnostic and Microbiological Applications
End of Conference