• Cutting-edge Technologies for Packaging Services
• Medical Imaging Systems and Laboratory Diagnostics
• Microsystems & Optoelectronics

Mikrosysteme für Medizinprodukte: AEMtec, führender Anbieter für micro- und optoelektronische Anwendungen entwickelt, qualifiziert und produziert komplexe Module für den Medizinsektor wie Wearables, Diagnostik, Medizinisches Equipment, bildgebende und akkustische Systeme. Speziell in den von COVID-19 bestimmten Zeiten ist der Einsatz von zuverlässiger Mikrotechnologie von hoher Wichtigkeit. AEMtec verfügt über ein breites Technologiespektrum (UBM, SBA, Dicing, COB, FC, SMT, Box-Build) – langjährig von den Kunden als kompetenter Partner zur Miniaturisierung von hochwertigen Modulen anerkannt.
With certified production facilities according to ISO 13485-2016 standard, AEMtec provides next level technologies for complex, custom (opto-) electronic applications to customer´s specification. The company has a broad portfolio of high-end chip-level technologies, including Wafer Back-End Services, Chip on Board, Flip Chip, 3D Integration and Opto-Packaging for Medical Devices.
An extensive suite of development services as well as the production of test equipment and series production capabilities round off the range of services.

The opportunities to optimize processes and eliminate cost drivers must be fully exploited both continously and consistently. For this purpose AEMtec provides a complete service portfolio to ensure ideal conditions. Individual requirements can be serviced and implemented in the shortest periods.
Our customers appreciate rapid time-to-market of their product and can therefore secure a competitive advantage. Customers also gain from the various assembly technologies offered from a single source.


  • Feasibility Study
  • Risk Analysis
  • DFM Analysis
  • Process Development
  • Test Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Traceability Concepts
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Qualification
  • Indutrialization
  • Pilot Production
  • All Volume Production


  • Wafer Back-End Service (UBM + SBA)
  • Chip on Board (Thin Wire Technology)
  • Flip Chip (Soldering, Glueing)
  • High Precision Placement of Optical Components
  • SMT
  • Box Build
  • Test (ICT, FCT, LTT)