IVAM Focus Group Microfluidics

(before: Microsystems UK "Open House" (guided tour))

On the eve of this year's Systems Integration in Manchester, the meeting of the IVAM Focus Group Microfluidics offers a special highlight.

IVAM member Microsystems UK invites all interested parties to take a look behind the scenes of the company during a guided tour.

After the guided tour you will have the opportunity to join the IVAM Focus Groups Meeting and meet the participants of the Systems Integration - which will take place the following day.

The program on October 08, 2019

1:30 p.m.  Microsystems UK "Open House" (guided tour)

Location: Microsystems UK, 101 Golborne Enterprise Park, Warrington, GB

3:30 p.m.  Meeting of the IVAM Focus Group Microfluidics
Location: Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Walkden Road, Worsley, Manchester M28 2QT, GB
  • Microfluidic Chips in Practic - “Pumps as enabler for microfluidic applications”
    • Expert statements and discussions about the following subjects:
      • Which pump / pumping principle is necessary for which application?
      • Which physical / chemical parameters are important for a useful pump?
      • External pump or integration into a microfluidic chip - what is better?
The IVAM Focus Group Microfluidics launches a series of meetings titled "Microfluidics in Practice". The aim of these meetings is to examine various aspects of the successful operation of microfluidic chips. In discussions, the members of the Focus Group want to bring together all the necessary tools, theories, but also experts to help users decide on the right microfluidic chips as well as the right peripheric equipment. The main subject is how to control the flow through a microfluidic device. Different pump manufacturers for chemical applications as well as for biotechnological and medical applications will discuss the respective criteria with the participants.

  • Planning for Focus Group Events in 2019/2020
    • International MicroNanoConference
    • Invitation for a meeting at SUSS MicroTec in Munich
    • Presentation during IVAM's anniversary meeting on April 23, 2020
6:30 p.m.  Get-Together Dinner (self paid by participants)
Location: Worsley Old Hall, Walkden Road, Worsley, Greater Manchester, M28 2QT, GB

You are welcome to use the Systems Integration registration form to register. If you are only interested in the group meeting, please send an e-mail to microfluidics@ivam.de.

Information about the Systems Integration on the following day as well as the registration can be found here.