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It's always great doing business in Singapore

Personally, I really like Singapore. Maybe because it is a kind of "Asia for beginners". Language barriers and culture shock don't come. That makes it easier for us Europeans to make good international contacts. The excellent infrastructure and the high standards of hygiene, organization and reliability make many things easier that can generally become unplanned obstacles abroad.
International Business

Ten tips: This is how medical technology companies in China get off to a good start

The first step into a new market has to be carefully considered. The decision is often made to exhibit at a suitable trade fair abroad in order to get to know the new market and its customers better. It is really important not to start unprepared. IVAM accompanies small and medium-sized companies that develop products for the medical technology sector to China.
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"Human health is a high good and it is protected worldwide by special regulations."

IVAM Managing Director Thomas R. Dietrich is active as a specialist coordinator for international business relations, regional advisor and delegation leader. He regularly accompanies small and medium-sized enterprises on their way into international markets, especially in Asia.