Raith launches new FIB-SEM for FIB-centric nanofabrication

Quelle: Raith
05.04.2018 Raith, a world leading manufacturer of nanofabrication instrumentation, introduces VELION, the only FIB-SEM in the world which defines FIB as the priority technique. With this new instrument Raith has created a new state of the art solution for FIB-SEM nanofabrication.

To meet the most demanding requirements in both R&D nano prototyping as well as sample preparation and microscopy, the ion column is installed vertically in the system. Supported by a Raith proprietary fast field emission SEM column and its unique Laser Interferometer Stage VELION is equipped for various research and development tasks.

“VELION is the perfect choice both for Focused Ion Beam experts and for nanofabrication professionals: It provides versatile FIB nanofabrication across large areas with all direct and 3D patterning techniques. Complementing Electron Beam Lithography it helps to achieve scientific results faster by easy in-situ optimization and less process steps. At the same time sample preparation and inspection applications like X-section analysis and TEM lamella are enabled by live high resolution SEM imaging. All this combined in one system – this is our answer to the FIB-SEM community facing increasing nanofabrication challenges,“ says Dr. Sven Bauerdick, Senior Product Manager.

“VELION answers the most pressing requirements from nanofabrication experts,” says Dirk Brüggemann, Vice President Sales and Marketing of Raith Group. “FIB and even multiple non-contaminating ion species beyond Gallium and new patterning approaches are now available with lithography class stability and precision. VELION will serve a larger variety of microscopy applications. The FIB-SEM community will also benefit from Raith´s experienced and worldwide operating support structure.”

The system and its fascinating application range will be introduced at the EIPBN in Puerto Rico (May 29 – June 1, 2018). All information around the novel VELION will be available to the public at: www.raith.com/velion

Contact: Sabine Hintz, Raith GmbH