Statice participated in the development of a neuroprosthesis

17.11.2019 STATICE Innovation participated in the development of an implantable device, called neuroprosthesis. As a supplier of micro-technical services in biomaterials, STATICE designs and produces innovative made-to-measure instruments and supports clients from the beginning of the project through to the final production line. STATICE is a manufacturing reference in the field of implants, medical instruments, and laboratory equipment.

Statice has been chosen to develop the part of the neuroprosthesis that is in direct contact with the dura mater and that has the task of collecting the raw (original) signals of the thought. It is a flexible matrix of wired electrodes that connects the signals to the on-board electronics. The team was fortunate to be able to bring in their acknowledged over Europe expertise: design and manufacture of implants in polymers that can incorporate sensors. More imformation about how these signals are being transmitted to software that interprets them to drive the exoskeleton can be found in this article:

Contact: Pauline Petit, Statice Innovation